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I am Savanah Jane and this is Unscripted!

This podcast was born along the rising cannabis industry. I have spent my entire life in the Military or Corporate IT. Weed wasn’t appropriate, nor was saying fuck! If you were a man and cocky, it was called confidence. If you were a women and cocky, it was called being a bitch. I have finally said, Fuck It!!! I’am a bitch and fine with it. I would rather go through life confident and curious than repressed and socially correct. I would rather smoke a joint than have a cocktail. If that makes me a bad person, I am okay with it. Come join me and we will get unscripted together!


This may shock you but I am an introvert by nature. I have what I loving call my game face. That is the face I put on when I walk out of the house. That person is confident, secure, happy, possibly stoned and ready to take on the World! It wasn’t always this way. This podcast quickly morphed into for lack of a better description, my life. I will speak openly about life, struggles, work, kids, entrepreneurism, photography, Life in IT, marijuana, business, branding and so much more.