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It seems like you can’t go anywhere or be online without seeing a post about White Privilege. I really want to dig into this term and I am not trying to offend or minimize anything anyone else is going through. With that being said, coming from a poor white family in the South. White Privilege didn’t exist.

This podcast isn’t about black or white, fair or unfair, privilege or not privileged. It is about the need people have to villainize others to justify our own position. I will challenge the term White Privilege an d suggest it is actually Wealth Privilege.

It has been many years since my humble beginnings. I do alright for myself but I work for everything I have. I didn’t secure anything in my life by being white. Perhaps if I was wealthy and white then perhaps White Privilege might exist or would it be called rich privilege? Whether you believe him to be guilty or not OJ Simpson is said to have gotten by with murder. He isn’t white, it was due to wealth.

Is it fact or just a label? I will not deny there are severe discrepencies when it comes to jail time and sentencing of black vs white people. I will not deny that the college scandal was mostly by white people and so far the sentencing has been a joke. Was that white privilege or wealth privilege?

If you are a white or black 18 year old trying to get into college, good luck. The little asian girls are kicking both groups asses. Why? Privilege? Noooo. Those sweet little asian girls are studying 4 to 6 hours a day on top of school. They aren’t watching 4 to 6 hours of TV. They listen to and respect the opinions of the elders. Is that privilege or hard work. I lean on the side of hard work.

While I am doing well in life I don’t contribute the success to the color of my skin. To suggest that is insulting. To say the only reason I have what I do is because I am white. Really??? Tell that to Oprah.

I have faced many rejections along the way. I have been denied by jobs and colleges. I have been to jail (oh and by the way they weren’t easier on me because I was white. Actually the opposite. They used words like only fair, making an example, racial tension and intolerance to name a few. I had never been in trouble with the law previously, I had 1 ticket and had a good job. My life got turned upside down because I was white. I am thankful it did. I started working smarter instead of harder, I didn’t take things personally, I stopped get discouraged and I hustled. That is the reason for my success, not the color of my skin.

I get there are a lot of people out there that judge people by the color of their skin. They use to be called racists or bigots. So, isn’t it reverse racism to say that everything I have achieved is only due to white privilege and the color of my skin? That is just as sick as a white person saying all black people are lazy. Both statements are ignorant.

I am not making light of the fact that black people in the past were treated like shit in this country and to a degree some still are treated like shit. Slavery was a disgusting and embarrassing time for America. This next sentence is disgusting but true. The DutchFrenchSpanishPortugueseBritishArabs and a number of West African kingdoms played a prominent role in the Atlantic slave trade, especially after 1600. During the 1983–2005 Second Sudanese Civil War people were taken into slavery.

Slavery is alive and well today. It is just happening in other countries so not much is being said about it. Sex trafficking, is that not a form of slavery? 

Evidence emerged in the late 1990s of systematic child-slavery and -trafficking on cacao plantations in West Africa. Slavery continues into the 21st century. Although Mauritania criminalized slavery in August 2007, an estimated up to 600,000 men, women and children, or 20% of the population of Mauritania, are currently enslaved, many of them used as bonded labor.

Slavery is alive and well in this day and time. Instead of labeling, fighting and hating each other in America. How about we acknowledge the past and change the future. Stand together as a great Nation and make a commitment from the citizens to stand united against all forms of slavery. 

Instead of labeling and hating each other. Unite and make a difference. Is that even possible or are we too far divided?

Podcast 12