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Stop Making Excuses and Get OFF Your ASS!!! This lesson is a tough one to swallow some days. Let’s be honest. There are a million excuses why it won’t work or to justify not doing it. The question is what if it does work? What if you get that new job, lose the weight, find a lover, start a business, spend more time with someone you love and on and on.

How much time do you spend each week watching TV, watching sports, playing video games, watching porno or on social media? Still think there is no time to cook, go to the gym or do other things? It comes down to Motivation and Priorities!!!

11 Steps to Stop Making Excuses

  • Stop comparing yourselves to others
  • Stop with the fear already
  • Stop blaming other and take responsibility for yourself
  • Get off your ass
  • Baby steps; small goals maybe a week or month out and no more; at first
  • Learn from your mistakes
  • Focus on your strengths and accomplishment not on weakness and failure
  • You have the power
  • Don’t doubt yourself
  • Visualize your goals and hustle
  • Progress not Perfection

Podcast 9