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As I have discussed it previous episodes I am in the process of writing a couple of books. A Girl Called Bitch is an account of portions of my childhood. 

As a child I was both physically and mentally abused. While the physical wasn’t as often. The mental abuse was daily and left scars and damaged that has taken the better part of 40 to unpack. While I am now on a fairly healthy track. That wasn’t always the case. I did things I am not proud of, I made many mistakes and I took risks that weren’t necessary just to feel alive.

I have spent a lifetime hiding from myself and hating the person in my mirror. While it addresses reasons for some of the damage. It isn’t one of those books that blames mom and dad for my issues. At the end of the day you come to an age where you have to decide what type of person you will be. you can be the forever victim or you can go build the life you want.

This book focuses on working past the trauma and issues to build the life you want. The majority of us go through shit while growing up. It isn’t an excuse or reason to be a dysfunctional or fucked up adult. That my friend is a choice! 

No matter how 50 shades of fucked up your childhood or life has been. You have the power to fix it. You got this. Go live your best life!!!

Podcast 11